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About Us
Pickens County Democratic Party
Pickens County Democratic Committee

The Committee is the elected governing body of the local affiliate of the Democratic Party of Georgia and the Democratic National Committee.

Committee members and other volunteers use contributions and their time for

For Committee meetings, see the "Meetings and Events" calendar on the home page for the place and for any temporary change to the date or place.

Our mission is to elect more Democrats to public office, and there are several ways we go about doing that.

First, we support Democratic candidates at every level, in several ways:

  1. Our members make phone calls to voters on behalf of Democrats running in national and state-level races and, in some cases, for Democrats running in other Congressional districts, other General Assembly districts, and in other counties.
  2. Our members volunteer for the campaigns of Democratic candidates at every level.
  3. We sponsor or participate in rallies and other events, both to raise the spirits of Democratic voters and to raise money to help with Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns and with candidate campaigns.
  4. We provide information to our supporters about various Democratic campaigns and encourage them individually to donate to those campaigns.

Second, we work with the state and national Democratic Parties:

  1. We coordinate with them on planning and promoting events and Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns in support of Democratic candidates.
  2. Some of our members attend and support events in the region and around the state.
  3. We support and promote Democratic Party principles and policies in the state and nationally.

Third, we involve ourselves in community activities. Many of our members volunteer in the community on their own, in various charitable and service organizations, and sometimes we pull a group of us together to make more of an impact on some activities.

Fourth, we Democrats maintain communications among ourselves and with the public, especially to mobilize our supporters for particular activities and campaigns:

  1. We send information to our supporters inexpensively by e-mail.
  2. We use postal mail to notify our supporters of more significant events; and also to reach people who don't use e-mail.
  3. We make phone calls when we want information to go out immediately and we want a response from the people we call.
  4. We issue press releases to let the general public know about particular activities that might be of interest to them.

A regular part of our communications is this Website, pickensdemocrats.org. Here, we have

  1. contact information for the county party,
  2. a schedule of meetings and events,
  3. news and resources on issues, and
  4. links to other Websites of interest.

In summary, our four basic functions are

  1. support of Democratic candidates,
  2. working with the state and national Democratic Parties,
  3. involvement in community activities, and
  4. communications with our supporters and with the general public.