Pickens County Democrats
Pickens County, Georgia

Message for February 21, 2024

  1. Donald Trump keeps showing Georgians that he will side with dictators over democracy. There's only one candidate with the experience and temperament to keep America safe and strong on the world stage, and that's President Joe Biden.
    • Last weekend, Donald Trump reminded the American people how dangerous and unfit he is for office when he suggested he would abandon America's NATO allies in the event of a Russian attack — going so far as to "encourage" Russia "to do whatever the hell they want."
    • And again this week, Trump doubled down on this dumb, dangerous, and un-American attack against NATO—an alliance that protects America and the entire world.
    • Time and again, Trump has shown he would rather side with dictators than stand for democracy. Only President Biden will stand for democracy on the world stage, keep our alliances strong, and protect our national security.

  2. While Georgia Democrats fight for families, Georgia Republicans in the state legislature are ignoring the actual needs of Georgians in favor of culture-war proposals to score political points.
    • This legislative session, Georgia Republicans are ignoring the issues that actually matter to Georgians in favor of scoring political points with their right-wing base and gun lobby friends.
    • Instead of fully expanding Medicaid, Republicans are pushing culture war bills to censor and impose criminal penalties on librarians, roll back protections for LGBTQ Georgians, and provide tax breaks on guns and ammo instead of diapers and school supplies.
    • It's clear that Georgia Republicans don't care about helping Georgians. If they did, they’d work with Democrats to improve health care and education, not pander to the worst extremes of their party with dangerous and out-of-touch culture-war bills.

  3. Where Trump and MAGA Republicans rigged the economy for wealthy corporations, President Biden and Democrats are overseeing historic economic growth that puts working families first.
    • 2024 will be a choice between two very different economic visions for America: President Biden, who is building the economy from the bottom up and middle out to give everyone a fair shot at the American Dream; or Donald Trump, who is focused on handing out tax cuts to his wealthy friends paid for by middle-class families.
    • While Republicans hollowed out manufacturing and encouraged companies to send jobs overseas, thanks to Democrats, Georgia is now seeing record investment and jobs growth right here at home.
    • But President Biden understands that middle-class life is still too expensive and there's more work to be done – which is why he's still working to lower costs by cutting prescription drug costs, slashing energy bills, cracking down on junk fees, strengthening supply chains, and more.

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