1. Thanks to President Biden's Investing in America agenda, we're marking one year of the CHIPS and Science Act creating good-paying jobs right here in Georgia, spurring innovation and competitiveness, and investing in the industries of the future.
  • Under past Republican administrations, we’ve exported jobs and imported products while other countries surpassed us in manufacturing and innovation. Thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ smart investments in our economy, that’s changing.
  • Already, the CHIPS Act has led to more than $33 billion in investments right here in Georgia – including $22 billion for electric vehicles and batteries and $10 billion in clean energy projects across the state.
  • The CHIPS Act is yet another prime example of how, thanks to the Biden-Harris administration’s laser focus on Investing in America, Georgia is creating thousands of good-paying jobs – from STEM careers to manufacturing – while fighting climate change and becoming a leader in the industries of the future.
2. The most recent jobs report confirms once again that Bidenomics is working, and Georgians are feeling the benefits: more jobs, higher wages, and unemployment at record lows.
  • The US economy added 187,000 jobs in July, bringing the total job created since President Biden took office to a record 13.4 million jobs—including 1.5 million jobs in manufacturing, construction, and engineering.
  • Annual inflation has also fallen for a year straight to its lowest level in 2 years, and wages for workers are on the rise—helping working families keep more money in their pockets.
  • President Biden and Democrats' economic leadership is a stark contrast with Donald Trump's record of helping ship jobs overseas, giving massive tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy and big corporations at the expense of hardworking families, and turning “infrastructure week” into a punchline that failed to deliver.
3. This year, the state of Georgia will pocket a multi-billion-dollar surplus while Brian Kemp and Republicans refuse to fully fund Georgians' education and health care—a reminder that Republicans are deliberately underinvesting in our state.
  • This year, thanks to Brian Kemp and Republicans, the state of Georgia will pocket a $5 billion surplus while our schools and universities are underfunded by millions and hundreds of thousands of low-income Georgians can't access health care.
  • Under Republicans, Georgia’s maternal mortality crisis is worsening and our state consistently ranks among the worst in the country for health and wellbeing. This is a policy choice, and one that Kemp and his allies continue to make
  • Cutting costs to run a surplus isn't responsible governance—it's a reminder that Republicans will always underinvest in Georgians to score political points.